Social Bookmarking

Every dating advice article includes links to a range of social bookmarking and sharing websites. These sites allow you to store, tag and share links with other people in your social circle. So, if you find one of the articles interesting and helpful and would like to save it for future reference or share it with other people simply click the link that relates to the social bookmarking/sharing site you use.

If you do not currently use any of the sites then you may wish to join one. Each site works slightly differently and below you will find links to help you decide which service will best suit your needs.

Site Site Address More Information
Digg  Digg
Delicious  Delicious
Facebook  Facebook
Myspace  Myspace
Reddit  Reddit
StumbleUpon  StumbleUpon
Yahoo! Buzz  Yahoo! Buzz

To find out more about social bookmarking in general please see the following Wikipedia article: