Advantages of Dating a Co-Worker

Advantages Of Dating A Co-Worker

Dating someone at work has many advantages as well as disadvantages. Below we have outlined the advantages of dating someone you work with, whether they are your boss or your colleague;


  • Work can seem more exciting knowing you will see the person you are dating all day and you will wake up in the morning wanting to go to work.
  • You can get a real thrill of knowing you are seeing someone from work, especially if your other co-workers aren’t aware of the situation.
  • You get to see your date on a regular basis and not have to wait until evenings or weekends to see each other.
  • Being at work enables you to spend more time flirting with each other.
  • You have the opportunity to go on lunch dates together, which is something not all couples have the chance to do.
  • You will already know your co-worker prior to dating, therefore you don’t have the hassle of going out to meet someone.
  • You will already know your date as a friend and know basic information about them. This usually gives you some idea regarding your compatibility with them.
  • Sending flirty emails, giving sexy looks and flirting can be very exciting. Just make sure you don’t draw attention to yourselves.
  • You will always have something in common to talk about; your work. If conversation should ever dry up, then you have a discussion topic to fall back on.
  • You can become more confident at work, possibly improving your work performance. Being happy at work can make you more interested in what you are doing.
  • If you have work-related problems, you can discuss them with each other and understand the issue.
  • If the person you start dating is your boss, they might go easy on you, without it being obvious to colleagues.

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