Flirting Indicators

Flirting Indicators
Flirting is something people like to do and like to receive. Flirting indicators can be in forms of touching, smiling, laughing and whispering. By reading the body language of either you or the person you are talking to, you will be able to recognise if either of you are flirting with one another. Body language ranges from things such as eye and mouth movement to the way in which people speak. Flirting gives out signals to whoever you are with that you like them and are interested in them. When carried out in the correct way, flirting can be very sexy and bring two people closer together. Often the best flirting moments are not planned and can take you by surprise. For more advice, please see our articles on chatting someone up and flirting tips.Below is a list of flirting indicators so you know if someone is flirting with you.

How do I know if I am being flirted with?


  • The person you are with will hold a longer gaze with you
  • There will be lots of eye contact along with an arched eyebrow
  • Winking of any form
  • Rapid eye movement and quick blinking
  • Their pupils will be dilated and eye contact will be maintained


  • You will see lots of smiling from them
  • Lip licking or puckering of lips
  • An open mouth and the showing of teeth
  • Using their tongue to touch their lips or teeth


  • They will touch, play with or stroke their hair often with maintained eye contact with you

Body Movement

  • While holding your gaze they will push their chest/breast outwards
  • They will lean towards you while maintaining you eye contact
  • They will “mirror” or copy your body position
  • While holding your gaze while they move to music
  • They will sit with their legs crossed pointing towards you
  • They will sit facing you with an open-legged style posture
  • The showing of flesh from the arm or thigh


  • They will play with their hands and often play with your hands too
  • You will find they will want to touch you and find some excuse to do so
  • They will offer to feed you by placing food into your mouth

The way they speak

  • You will hear lots of laughter from them
  • They will copy the speed and tone of your voice
  • If you are in a group you will find yourself being singled out by the person interested in you

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