Disadvantages of Dating a Co-Worker

Disadvantages Of Dating A Co-Worker

When a romance at work is a success, everything can seem wonderful, but as soon as it ends or becomes sour, then it can be disastrous, having an impact on both you and your job. Here we have outlined the main disadvantages of dating a co-worker. Please see our article advantages of dating a co-worker for further advice.


  • If you start to have relationship related problems it might feel like you are taking your problems to work with you. Other couples can use work as a way to escape their problems, but you will have to deal with yours all day.
  • If work becomes stressful, you might find yourself taking your stress out on each other.
  • When things between you aren’t going well, there could be tension and others could pick up on it.
  • Once you start dating a co-worker you might unintentionally neglect your colleagues at work. This won’t do you any favours if your relationship fails as you will be left an outsider at work.
  • Your relationship could potentially interfere with your career. If you are more pre-occupied with your private life than work, then it could be noticed and any chances of a promotion may be ruined.
  • Once colleagues find out about your romance you will find yourself and your co-worker being the main topic of conversation. Knowing people are talking about you can make you feel really uncomfortable.
  • If the person you are dating happens to be your boss, then you might find it difficult taking orders from them. Separating your working life and romantic life could be hard. One minute you will feel equal in the relationship, then the next you will be taking orders from them.
  • It is possible to damage your personal image by dating a co-worker. Once people know about your personal life, their opinions and attitudes towards you could change, especially if they find out you’re dating the boss.
  • If your date is having a bad day at work, you can be guaranteed that you’re the one that will hear about it. Due to working in the same place, it will probably be the last thing you want to hear about.

The above points are just the disadvantages to dating a co-worker. If you were to breakup, then there are even more disadvantages and you might even start to wish you’d never mixed your personal life with your work life.

Breaking Up

  • You will have to see your ex every day at work. There will be no escaping them.
  • You will probably dread the thought of going to work and having to face them every day.
  • Seeing your ex flirt or even simply chat with other colleagues could make you feel jealous, regardless of who ended the relationship.
  • Being distracted by the breakup and having to deal with the issue all day at work can affect your work performance. Instead of having your mind on work, you will constantly be reminded about your break up.
  • If it was you who ended the romance, then you could find yourself being at the receiving end of bitterness and revenge. Having this happen to you at work can create a lot of trouble for you. The last thing you want is for your job to be affected.
  • Your ex could expose comments you may have made about other colleagues, or even makeup things and imply that you said them. Any comments you may or may not have made could really alienate you in your workplace.
  • If your working life becomes unbearable, then you might be forced to change jobs. This is very drastic but could happen.

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